A complete e-Marketing Solution

We are here to assist you in invent innovative marketing strategies and It is our strong belief that only an interdisciplinary perspective can cover the whole range of possible impacts of electronic markets on economic systems, Therefore, the main contribution of Electronic Markets to the respective fields is not only to address innovative and upcoming topics at an early stage but to broaden the perspective on e-commerce and e-business as well.

  • Electronic Markets is a multidisciplinary journal whose audience includes:
    Scientists/scholars from various disciplines with an interest in the relationships between advances in information and communication technology, new forms of value creation, and social change
  • Policy and decision-makers in government, industry, and education
  • Managers and practitioners concerned with the effects of the electronic commerce revolution on organizations and society.
Our dedicated specialists will be glad to assist you with choosing the item you’ve been looking for, so please feel free to contact us via messenger at any time as you need. We believe and have proved our innovative e-marketing strategies have worked better on following features. 

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